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by Victor Rottier


Concept: Victor Rottier

Choreography: Victor Rottier in collaboration with performers

Performers: Alison Adnet, Diego de la Rosa

Jefta Tanate, Safet Mistele, Sarah Wein

Costumes: Angela Roudaut

Music: Paolo Guolo

Location: Feinmechanik Kassel

Film&Edit: Victor Rottier

‘Cream’ deals with being thrown into a situation you cannot prepare for and what roll to take in order to support, even when having to set aside a part of yourself. We use our voice as a tool to empower and organise the confusion we are put in without a choice.

It highlights 3 distinct voices:

The silent voice

The outspoken voice

The voice that questions


‘Cream’ is a dance film in which text and movement are the main focus in a space that is underlining the feel of a chaotic environment. 

It is a translation from a stage piece into film, a change that was inevitable in current times. A choice that felt like an embodiment of our concept.

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