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Distant smile

by Victor Rottier

This short piece is created around the idea and feeling of celebration. It explores kinds of celebration and plays with the feelings surrounding this everyday action. Small, big or ambiguous feelings mixed with the physical aspect of the act. It is a dance theatre piece that dips into the celebration of love, and the search for happiness. This piece has been put together in a short 9-day process, and performed in Dock11 Berlin, Germany.

Direction: Victor Rottier

Choreography: Victor Rottier in collaboration with the dancers.

Light: Victor Rottier

Sound edit: Victor Rottier

Film: Keren Chernizon, Joseph Devitt Tremblay

Performed by: Alex Seager Lilia Castillo Gomez Brenna Sauttner Julienne Buenaventura Abigail Linnemeyer Sarah Kinch Kai Taberner Leah Emanuel Daniel Paula Lucienne Parker Spirit Dakota Aino Päivike Sofia Gonzalez Cardin Chung Khris Beeson Sarah Desordi

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