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Eyes on the sparrow
by Victor Rottier

<Eyes on the sparrow> explores the idea of belonging, focusing on the individual’s way to fit into their surroundings. It portrays the emotions of longing,
adaptation, and the desire for acceptance.
It serves as a reflection on our efforts,
while enjoying the empowerment of the group.

Direction: Victor Rottier 

Choreography: Victor Rottier in collaboration with the dancers. 

Light: Mathias Burghofer, Victor Rottier

Sound edit: Victor Rottier 

Film: Victor Rottier
Technician: Mathias Burghofer

Dancers: Mamoun Bakour, Blaz Cunk, Chaerin Gwak, Arkadiusz Hryb, Nayoung Kim, Neza Kokalj, Semi Lim, Veronica Pace,
Nika Sarajlija, Viktória Viola Tekelová, Sofiia Zeifert
Guitarist: Klara Gruber


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