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Hardcover Ctrl

By Victor Rottier

Feeling lost, while upholding your appearance. 

What do you care what people think, or are we looking for love?


Is it that dirty pathetic little part of you that still craves for approval and love and a mommy and a mommy..

Look at me tiger, were gonna cut that part of you out like a cancer And then well you can finally be who you were always meant to be. Pure, clean


Direction: Victor Rottier

Choreography: Victor Rottier in collaboration with the dancers

Light: Victor Rottier

Sound edit: Victor Rottier

Film: Keren Chernizon, Joseph Devitt Tremblay

Performed by: Sophie Meyer Charrie Burke Arnel Wilson Nisani Lopez Elena Dallarorre Cailey Campbell Allegra Herman Megan Mchugh Francesca Frasi Johana Panenková Lunis Kath Sarah Mccrorie

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