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This is Erol
by Zoe Gyssler & Victor Rottier

This is Erol is a result of a collaboration between Victor Rottier and Zoe Gyssler dealing with the theme of comfort and how it relates to power. During the 2-month process we were elaborating our own comfort zones and observed how they were influenced by introducing the element of power. We didn’t use obvious elements like direct suppression or strict orders, but were more interested in the subtle outcomes of power: how are we dealing with the simple act of being observed, judged and controlled by an outer force?


Imagine the world. Take away the animals, the plants, the seas. Andhumanity.Take away the colors.There is the in-between, the abstraction. It’s there where the gods become visible.They seem human, but they are not. They see, they hear and they do. Theycommunicate and organize like no other.

This is Erol.

He creates and destroys.

Choreography: Zoe Gyssler & Victor Rottier

Performers: Zoe Gyssler, Victor Rottier, Erol Ögel

Music: Music editing by Victor Rottier 

Costume and Stage: Mona Eing

Photo: Nils Klinger

Video: David Worm, Zoe Gyssler

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