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2 week lab / Tanzwerk101

by Victor Rottier

Do not let go.

Let’s obsess over the details in life. 

let’s rediscover, this cover.

Even though today is great,

tomorrow will be better. 

maybe even as good as yesterday.


Even when things do go the way you expected, 

are you going to try and bend your life in that direction?


These are some of the questions we used as an initial starting point for these last days.

The short piece you see tonight is a collection of ideas created to pose these questions.

We worked on concept, structure as well as the physical side of performing.

It was a pleasure

Concept: Victor Rottier

Choreography: Victor Rottier

Performacer: HF 2nd year (2021 - 2022)

Costume: Victor Rottier

Sound: Edit by Victor Rottier

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